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Old thoughts for the week . . . 

I've just read my first P.D. James (An Unsuitable Job for a Woman) and I can see why she is rated so highly.  It's an enjoyable thriller but the writing is so interesting.  Two passages which struck me as memorable and quotable:

"Human beings have an irresistible urge towards self-sacrifice.  They die . . . for other men's ideals, for other men's power, for a few feet of earth."    

I'm not sure that the first sentence is true, but the last bit (I've left out some) I find very telling - despite being spoken by a character described as evil!

"Cordelia . . . wondered again at the capacity of older people to be outraged by simple facts when they seemed capable of accepting any amount of perverse or shocking opinion."   

Not just older people either, I'd say.