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New FREE downloadable tracks

Have a look at my Reverbnation page.  You can hear clips from the album "Something Else" there, but you can also hear some other things not on the album: a short piano piece called "Sad Serenade", an old electro-type thing called "Bondage", and an extract from a longer piece snappily entitled "Overture 95".  These aren't professionally produced or recorded but you might like to hear them, especially as they are quite a contrast with "Something Else" - and with each other.

You can download "Sad Serenade" and "Bondage" if you like, as a little present from me.

AND, if you register as a FAN of mine on Reverbnation, you can hear and download some "Fan-Exclusive" tracks - including the complete version of "Action", the first song on the album. If you look under the picture of the album cover on the left of the page, you'll see a button marked "Become a Fan".  Click on there and you just have a few things to fill in.  Costs you nothing but helps me, and I'd appreciate your support, which is why I'm offering you these fan-exclusive downloads.

For a limited period, you can also download free sheet music of some of my compositions: click here for that.

Album "Something Else" available now on iTunes

You can download the whole album or individual tracks from my page at the iTunes store.

Go to iTunes page

You can also buy it from Ray's Jazz shop, which is part of Foyles Bookshop, 113-119 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EB or from me direct.)

Updates to this site

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