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"Something Else"

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  1. Action feat. Polly Gibbons
  2. Coolish
  3. Delicious Kiss feat. Celena Bain
  4. Don't Take Too Long feat. Bex Tindle
  5. Something Else
  6. Moonlight Blues feat. Polly Gibbons
  7. Size 8
  8. When Your Lover Leaves feat. Polly Gibbons
  9. Holiday
  10. Give Yourself a Chance feat. Tamiya B. Johnston

"Something Else": an eclectic and catchy mix of jazz, soul, funk and ballads   
featuring Polly Gibbons, Celena Bain, Bex Tindle and Tamiya B. Johnston  


What you can hear

The first ten tracks are from the album SOMETHING ELSE - a collection of songs and instrumentals featuring some of the finest jazz (and classical) musicians working in the UK today, plus four excellent singers: Polly Gibbons, young jazz and soul diva extraordinaire who is attracting rave reviews, leads on three of the songs, while three other very individual singers take a song each: Celena Bain, Bex Tindle and Tamiya B. Johnston.  

Read on for more about the album and personnel, and check out the Links page too.

There are also some short pieces not from the album - not professionally recorded but they give an idea of some of the other stuff I do.

How to buy

You can download the whole album, or individual songs, from iTunes here.

You you can buy the CD for £10 from Ray's Jazz Shop at the London's famous Foyles bookshop, 113-119 Charing Cross Road London WC2H 0EB (click here for map).  In the heart of the buzzing tourist Mecca that is London's West End, Ray's is a jazz haven that's well worth visiting both to browse the huge and unique collection of jazz CDs and to enjoy the delicious food and drink at the cafe, as well as regular live performances.

You can also buy the CD direct from meContact me by email.

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